Never far apart

A nice day in my garden again - warning picspam

Once again I would love to invite you to visit my garden and I hope you come and relaxe with me.

Today we were greeted by a frog who didn't have any fear and stayed where he was.

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Three colours in our Hibscus



And sort of pink

And sometimes I think that I really should go to the market and sell some of the food that grows in our garden. But never the pumpkin. *gg*

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And fresh peppermint, which smells really nice

I hope you enjoyed the trip around my garden. I'm going to relax now and enjoy the sun and a light breeze.
Never far apart

It's gardentime again

The second day of my two weeks holiday started with domestic stuff like doing my laundry and watering my flowers on the windowsill. And then we drove to our garden. We really wanted to relax, but instead, we started harvesting our potatoes.

But only from half of the field.


But the result looks good and I can't wait to taste them.



Washed and put out to dry.


Some flowers under the cut

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And we planted a rosemary.


Our leek is in full bloom so we can't eat it this year but we will get some seeds for the next.

Oh, and the bumblebees love our wild oregano (sorry it is so blurry).

That's it for today. I hope you enjoyed the day in my garden.
Never far apart


It is warm. We have a blue sky with some white clouds and wind. Warm wind. The birds are singing and we're relaxing in our deck chairs.

And I admire our flowers.