macklingirl (macklingirl) wrote,

Three Word Meme

Okay, here I am. I asked for it and byslantedlight gave me three words.

The first word is apple. I love apples, even though I can't eat them all. I can eat and take the apples from our own apple tree, which is very old and I don't know what sort of apple it is.

Apples are healthy, but many years ago I broke out my four insicors on an apple. And red apples are dangerous. I mean, it was an apple that got us in all this trouble, wasn't it. *g*

My second word is great-grandmother. Wow, that's difficult. I know I have four great-grandmothers. (Well, who hasn't *g*) And I know that one of them from my fathers side was a very big woman. She was nearly 6''3 (six feet three inches) height. And she was a very serious woman who didn't laugh so much. My great-grandmother from my mothers side (the mother of my grandmother) was a small and slender woman who mostly had fun.She had three girls and accepted them as what they where. And that was great because one of her daughters was a lesbian and we are speaking about the time after WW I. And it wasn't easy to stand by your daughter in WW II. So my great-grandmother from this side is a woman who deserves my respect.

The third word is bridges.
Well. when I think about bridges I remember my holiday in Bangkok. It is the city with the most bridges I've seen in one place. The streets in Bangkok are very crowdy with cars, TucTucs and busses. And it isn't healthy for pedestrians to cross the streets. So they built bridge after bridge for that the pedestrians can cross the streets. Bridges are great because you can stand high above the streets or a valley and look down and sometimes it is like flying. But bridges can be dangerous too, because you don't know for sure what you'll find on the other side.
All in all you can say: Bridges are fun. And bridges are the connection between two sides.

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