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Holiday in Hooksiel - Part two

Wednesday we made a boad trip called Jadetörn. It goes to the Jade-Weser-Prot which was build for 2.700.000 container ships in the year. But they only had 6.700 in 2018 and it doesn't look like they could reach the planned number.

I think the cranes look like giraffes.

We met some nice marines.

And we saw the lighthouse Arnsgast, which is in the middle of the Jadebusen, a place which now is totaly under water. But it was an island until a storm tide in 1903 destroyed the whole island and only the lighthouse remained standing.

On Thursday we went to Wilhelmshaven. It's twentyfive minutes with the bus and for guests it's only 1 Euro to pay. So we took the bus.

This is the King-Wilhelm-Bridge near the marine museum.

When you cross the bridge you can see the south beach of Wilhelmshaven, but there is no beach. It's only meadow and some beach chairs.

And of course they're in a row.

Some art:

Motorbike made of driftwood

Three little mermaids

I don't know who or what he is, but he was watching into the shell.

So, that was Wednesday and Thursday.
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