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A picture for merentha13's Big Bang 2019

After I had read merentha13's Big Bang story last year (look here if you don't know it Agendas) I had a picture in my mind which didn't go away. I woke up in the middle of the night and thought "Yes, this is what I see" and the next morning it was there again. The scene which inspired me is

They all turned to face him and the building blew apart.

The explosion knocked them all off their feet and threw Doyle into the side of the surveillance van. Stunned, he stiffly tried to stand up but he could only watch as Connor yelled his brother’s name and ran into the burning structure.

“Connor! No.” Doyle rose and started to chase after him, but his bad knee buckled beneath him. He struggled upright and staggered on. He heard Bodie call to him to stop but he got through the door before Bodie tackled him back to the ground. Doyle struggled free of Bodie’s hold and ran further into the building. Flames licked at his clothes and singed his hair. Bodie caught up with him again and knocked him back down pinning him to the floor. The heat made it hard to breathe.

“We need to get out of here, Doyle.” Bodie coughed and wiped tears from his eyes.

“Get off of me you bastard.” He pushed at Bodie, sat up and tried again to get free. “Connor!”

And this is the picture

Many thanks to merentha13 who said it is okay to post it.
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