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Holiday at the old army base - A little story in pictures

I thought we're all in the need of some happy laughing lads, aren't we? So let's have some. :-)

Holiday at the old army base.
A little story in pictures.
by Macklingirl

"Oh, come on Ray. It's a nice place for our holiday." "Ah, I don't know Bodie."

"Look, we'll have a log cabin all to ourselfs." "Only you and me in one log cabin? I like the sound of it."

More under the cut

"Bodie, you sneaky old bastard. These are old military barracks."

"Well, it is an old army base, but we'll be alone for the night." *Both laughing out loud* "Okay, let's go for a walk."

"And? What do you think?"  "Hmm, not bad."

Bodie thinking 'I think I should ask him'. Doyle thinking 'Oh, when is going to ask me?'

"Ray? Would you....?" "Yeah."

"Yeah? Oh, wonderful love." "Yeah, love. Wonderful is right. Love you."

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