macklingirl (macklingirl) wrote,

A nice day in my garden again - warning picspam

Once again I would love to invite you to visit my garden and I hope you come and relaxe with me.

Today we were greeted by a frog who didn't have any fear and stayed where he was.

The Brugmansia

One gladiolus

The Sweet Pea (Lathyrus odoratus)

Our water lily in yellow and pink (they're under a net so that our fishes are safe)

The Snapdragon

Have some dahlia (really small this year)

Three colours in our Hibscus



And sort of pink

And sometimes I think that I really should go to the market and sell some of the food that grows in our garden. But never the pumpkin. *gg*

This year we have lots of raspberries

And even more blackberries (and they taste like I remembere from my childhood)

Lots and lots of apples

Plums (not ready now)

Zucchini and beans

And fresh peppermint, which smells really nice

I hope you enjoyed the trip around my garden. I'm going to relax now and enjoy the sun and a light breeze.
Tags: garden, picspam, rl

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